Stand 1.200 - 6

Do you want to right size your offshore access operation? Z-Bridge has developed the Bring-to-Work system. It operates like a traditional Walk-to-Work systems, by pushing on to the landing point with a telescopic arm. The Bring-to-Work arm is mounted on a pedestal which is fully motion-compensated. It accommodates flexible landing heights, ranging from 8 up to 21 meters above the deck. It transfers teams of 6 people or 1000 kg cargo in a trolley driven over the telescopic arm. The system does not require heavy and high towers to get to height.
It has an integrated crane capable of lifting loads up to 3000 kg. Because of its Limited and weight, the system is extremely suitable for deployment on smaller vessels, the system can be rented or purchased for integration on your vessel.
If your organization would like to save costs in it its offshore access operations, please visit us!