Windcat workboats

Stand 1.200

Windcat, operating since 2003 and owned by CMB since 2020, is Europe’s leading offshore personnel transfer company.
We own and operate a growing fleet of over 55 offshore CTV’s. The vessel’s layout and propulsion are optimised to transfer personnel offshore in a safe and comfortable environment. We choose to integrate hydrogen into all our new vessels to reduce our clients’ CO2 emissions.
Along with CMB.TECH we have been developing hydrogen solutions and have elected to include Hydrogen into all our new build vessels to reduce our and intern our clients’ CO2 emissions. We have a large team of people situated all over Europe operating and supporting our vessels.
In 2022 Windcat Offshore has been established and will be a dedicated business focused on CSOV ownership and operations. We will deliver the first CSOV into operations in 2025.