SMST Designers & Constructors BV

Stand 1.117

Transferring people and cargo in the safest and most efficient way, that is what SMST does for the offshore industry. The wide range of delivered equipment is there to proof it.

SMST develops and builds a complete package of modular offshore systems for the energy, oil and gas and maritime industry. The package includes a range of gangways (telescopic access bridges) for various height adjustments, offshore cranes with active heave and motion compensation, Access & Cargo Towers incorporating a gangway and tower with elevator and other mission equipment. SMST’s modular set up offers flexibility in combining all their systems.

SMST’s offshore equipment, available for purchase or rent, has excellent lifting and access capacity. After being trained by SMST, the motion compensated systems can be operated by your own crew. SMST offers worldwide service and availability.