SMC Ship Motion Control

Stand 1.322 A

For over 20 years, SMC have produced a wide range of products that provide high accuracy motion measurements in all dynamic environments. SMC Manufactures Motion Reference Units, Weather Instruments and System Integration Software, that meets the requirements of the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas and Hydrographic industry. In 2023 SMC launched our newest generation, G4, of Motion Reference Units with many new features. The new models come in different ranges, SMC-00 Range, SMC-10 range and SMC-02 OEM Range to meet the requirements and needs of our customers and the industry. The SMC Motion Reference Units are used in applications such as Dynamic Positioning, Active Heave Compensation, Helideck Monitoring and Met-Ocean systems. Other applications are motion monitoring where Roll, Pitch and Heave motions are measured on-board offshore platforms and vessels. We offer monitoring system solutions that measures, collect and present data for real time monitoring, easy analysis and decision making.