Stand 1.200

Shiptron develops and supplies complete redundant AIS monitoring systems for offshore wind farms and oil and gas installations, operational or in lighthouse mode.

Shiptron’s AGMOS system consists of AIS AtoN(s) and the AGMOS processor unit that uses geofencing to monitor an area e.g. the 500 meter gueard zone or any polygone figure, locally and/or remotely. The AIS AtoNs identify the offshore installation or windfarm for local shipping for collision avoidance. (AIS) PLBs can also be part of the system. In addition to these special AIS systems, Shiptron has also supplied several remote-controlled communication systems in the North Sea, of which the WinCom system for communication with helicopters has been in operation the longest and continues to operate to the full satisfaction of operator Wintershall. Shiptron carries out Site Scans for various operators and Rijkswaterstaat to identify interference problems and advise solutions.

Shiptron also makes calculations for antenna coverage areas and offers annual inspections of the radio equipment on board Offshore installations in accordance with the Mining Regulation chapter 6 or OffshoreBergV. Of course, Shiptron has trained and medically examined personnel to carry out offshore work. In addition, Shiptron is a supplier and service company for all maritime communication equipment, GMDSS distress beacons and AIS systems. Shiptron is a distributor of the brands Ocean Signal, True Heading, Rhotheta, Sailor, Standard Horizon, Ship Modul, ComNav, AC antennas.