Oudkerk B.V.

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An unwavering commitment to service: that is what Oudkerk stands for ever since 1947, when Mr. Samuel Oudkerk saw an opportunity to start an independent agency business to assist the flow of bulk cargoes landed in the Port of Rotterdam which were desperately needed by the steel factories and the blast furnaces in post-war restructuring Europe.

Driven by progressively expanding industrial demands and striving to become the Gateway to Europe, the Rotterdam port authority created vast deep water facilities in Europoort and Maasvlakte. The shipping industry driven by economy of scale saw the dimensions of vessels increase to a size for maximum efficiency. Consequently the extremely short sea approach to these new deep water facilities had to be deepened to 22mtr50 to provide a direct and safe entry for these huge vessels.

To maximise safety and to minimise the ecological footprint and yet provide maximum possible efficiency, governmental and local rules and regulations had to be implemented and continuously adjusted to meet international climate agreements.

Since the start in 1947 Oudkerk has grown with these developments, not necessarily in size, although we pride ourselves in now having a dedicated team of experts, but foremost in expertise. Digitisation has taken a foremost role in practically all day-to-day communication between the port authorities, its customers and the nautical service providers. Oudkerk is familiar with the various digital networks. We run state of the art and safe computer systems to benefit and facilitate our principal’s activities.

Oudkerk has kept pace with the evolution in agency and transport requirements for the international offshore industry operating on the continental shelves in the North Sea and beyond since 1960. We render our services to all types of floating objects engaged in offshore exploration, oil/gas production and storage, commissioning and decommissioning of oil wells and pipelines. Activities surrounding the construction of offshore windmill farms for sustainable energy is a latest development.

Early opportunities to provide our agency and logistic services to these pioneers gave us a leading edge in servicing this specialized industry. All our activities take into account our customers’ high operation standards and environmental commitment. For many years we may count the major Dutch offshore operators, active in the local and the global markets, amongst our regular and valued customers.

Oudkerk aims to be partner of choice and to have a track record of operational excellence by continuously improving our performance to meet the ever changing demand of the shipping industry. We will embrace all challenges that cross our way. All aspects of our agency work is executed in accordance with the Fonasba quality standards. With enthusiasm and expertise the dedicated Oudkerk Agencies team is ready to meet your requirements on a 24/7 basis.

Yes “IT TAKES THE RIGHT AGENCY PEOPLE” to deal with this 24/7 operating industry.