Jaeger Maritime Solutions GmbH

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Are you looking for effective underwater noise mitigation, mechanical stable corrosion protection, or environmentally friendly scour protection? Our team of dedicated professionals combines engineering expertise with an innovative approach to provide you with resource-friendly and environmentally compatible solutions in the maritime domain.
The Jaeger Protectors ensure long-lasting corrosion protection for highly stressed areas such as boat landings. We also offer customized solutions, e.g. big-sized bags, nets, or mattresses made of environmentally friendly basalt fibers, to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.
Our experienced experts have successfully applied far field noise mitigation. Our Big Bubble Curtain (BBC) is a highly effective solution for reducing noise emissions below the sea surface.
Jaeger Maritime Solutions is specialized in offshore wind energies, the maritime economy, and environmental and marine technology and our priority is your satisfaction. We understand the importance of addressing your needs in a customer-focused manner.