Stand 1.261

GALPERTI TECH FORGED PRODUCTS supplies internally designed, calculated, manufactured, tested slew bearings, geared rings and other forged products.
Products manufactured from forged or forged and rolled, heat-treated steel parts produced internally by GALPERTI GROUP.
Source material: steel billet, continuous cast, ingot or linear rolled bar.
In house material test capability: 3.1 destructive and non-destructive test, 3.2 with certification Authorities (ABS, BV, LR, DNV, RMRS, CCS, etc.).
GTECH can handle Design Approvals and Product Certificates.
Marine applications supplies: bearings for offshore cable laying carousels, winches for mooring systems and other marine applications; swivel joints for hose reels; harbor cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes and azimuth thrusters, gangways, swivel stacks.
Bearing, geared rings and stiffening flanges sizes range from 250-300 mm until 7.000 mm OD, larger diameters manufactured as segmented rings.
Shaft or long products: 16.000 mm max length and max outer dia. TBA.
Manufacture capability of non-circular shaped forged products.