F.lli Righini

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F.lli Righini Srl has more than 70 years of experience in the construction of machinery and has been operating in the Offshore industry since 1980. The company is leader in the design and fabrication of mechanical systems and packages for Offshore Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning. The following activities are performed in-house: Design&Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, Fabrication, Assembly and Testing. F.lli Righini technicians provide onshore and offshore assistance during installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

F.lli Righini is actively leveraging on the extensive know-how developed through many decades of activity in the Offshore Oil&Gas industry in order to be the trusted partner for world-class equipment during the Energy Transition. For the Offshore Wind Industry numerous projects were carried out as well as studies for Motion Compensated Outriggers, Handling and Skidding Systems and other equipment to be used for installation operations in Offshore Wind Farms.