Stand 2.100 - Innovators Dock

CORE V-LAB proudly presents SafeSite, a ground-breaking AI-powered health and safety training solution tailored for offshore construction. Meticulously crafted by our pioneering team, SafeSite embodies the seamless integration of artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality (VR), poised to redefine safety protocols and elevate operational efficiency within the offshore construction industry. Nestled within the innovative landscape of TeesValley, UK, CORE V-LAB, in collaboration with Core Systems Software and V-LAB, joins forces to introduce this transformative technology, earning a notable finalist nomination for the prestigious Innovation Award at the Tees Tech Awards 2023. The hallmark feature of SafeSite is its revolutionary AI-driven model-making procedure, effortlessly translating 3D scans into high-definition digital twin models. Explore SafeSite and embrace the future of offshore construction safety training, where safety meets innovation.