Blue Spark Energy

Stand 1.307

Since the first operation in 2011, Blue Spark Energy has produced quantifiable improvements on over 1000 operations spanning over 50 companies worldwide. The innovative BLUESPARK® technology is a clean technology that is a cost-effective, safe, sustainable, low-carbon, and efficient method of wellbore remediation.

Using high pulsed power, BLUESPARK® technology converts low-power electrical energy into high-power impulses at the precise depth where impediments exist. Each hydraulic impulse is a high-power shockwave that travels at more than 1,500 meters per second, followed by a +10,000 psi high-pressure pulse. The shockwave opens existing fractures for the pulse to dislocate any blockage at any depth.

BLUESPARK® technology is a revolutionary alternative to conventional wellbore remediations, which typically involve a lot of preparation, logistics, manpower, and the use of potentially harmful fluids, toxins, and explosives. Each BLUESPARK® tool is customizable to the wellbore needs and has been designed for easy deployment to wellbore locations anywhere in the world.