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Within the adjusted set-up visitors of the Navingo Career Event on the 27th and 28th of October will get a good impression of both career opportunities and the entire offshore energy industry. A dynamic world in which every day is a new adventure. Combined with the programme of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, jobseekers and those that are interested will discover the national and international challenges companies are faced with and are working on.

During the event, your company is visible in several ways. Jobseekers and those that are interested are able to view your showcase or participation to a talkshow and are talking with you online.

After the 27th and 28th of October, more Navingo Career events will follow. Jobseekers subscribe to the sessions with specific themes. These themes will ensure that visitors of the event match the profile you are looking for.

Interested in participating in the Navingo Career Event? Please fill out the contact form.

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Navingo Career Team

The most important reasons to participate

By participating in the Navingo Career Event, you can recruit for your vacancies, match qualitatively and invite candidates yourself for a personal interview. In addition, you have a platform where you can position yourself as a thought leader and attractive employer.

Visitor profiles of the Navingo Career Event

Realizing ambitions together

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